Talo-navicular dorsiflexion

Have you ever worked to improve ankle dorsiflexion by mobilizing the talocrural joint and stretching the calf of your patient, but still felt like there was some limitations? In this video, Dr. Thomason demonstrates how dorsiflexion at the talo-navicular joint can be limiting overall dorsiflexion, and how to mobilize this dysfunction. Enjoy!   Matt

A change of pace – interview with me!

http://blog.aaompt.org/featured-fellow-matthew-s-thomason-pt-dpt-ocs-cfmt-ffmt-cmpt-faaompt/ The link above is for a short written interview with the AAOMPT blog, in their Featured Fellow section.  You can hear my thoughts regarding fellowship experience and advice for younger clinicians.  It's short and sweet, so hope you enjoy it! Cheers,   Matt

Interview with Jim Meadows BScPT, MCPA, FCAMT

For this interview, we have the pleasure of speaking with Jim Meadows BScPT, MCPA, FCAMT.  The following is a biography that can be found on his website: Jim was chair of the Canadian Orthopedic Division's Education and Specialization Committees for 12 years and a past Examiner and Instructor with the Canadian Orthopedic Division. Jim is … Continue reading Interview with Jim Meadows BScPT, MCPA, FCAMT

My bout with a kidney stone

I reckon this could be our first case report to share on the blog.  Below, you will find my account of battling a kidney stone recently.  Please share your thoughts, questions, comments below!   Isn't it funny some of the things that happen right before you go on vacation?  Last week, (Thursday night to be specific) I … Continue reading My bout with a kidney stone