Ray Klepper PT, DPT

We get to speak with Ray Klepper PT, DPT again regarding all things nutrition. There has been a growing wave of interest in different lifestyles in the recent months and years, with much controversy coming with it. Here, we dissect many topics related to these lifestyles and how they impact our lives in the clinic.

APTA CSM 2018 – podcasts

Here is a compilation of recordings from APTA CSM 2018. We'll even include some time stamps if you'd like to go straight to one particular interview. Enjoy! Heather Purdin MS, PT, CMPT - 3:28 Functional Movement Screen & Selective Functional Movement Assessment (Aline Thompson PT, DPT, OCS)- 13:38 Postural Restoration Institute (Jennifer Platt DPT, ATC, PES) - 25:07 Myofascial Decompression (Christopher DaPrato PT, DPT, CSCS, PES)- 38:30 USC DPT Students at APTA CSM 2018 (Nicole and Fletcher) - 47:47 Foundation for Physical Therapy (Barbara Malm, MBA) - 1:03:16