Talo-navicular dorsiflexion

Have you ever worked to improve ankle dorsiflexion by mobilizing the talocrural joint and stretching the calf of your patient, but still felt like there was some limitations? In this video, Dr. Thomason demonstrates how dorsiflexion at the talo-navicular joint can be limiting overall dorsiflexion, and how to mobilize this dysfunction. Enjoy!   Matt

Seated CT junction gapping HVLAT technique

Hi again!  An interesting thing happened in the clinic today.  A friend and colleague shared a video he had seen on Facebook of another therapist teaching a manipulation to a group of chiropractic students and asked what my thoughts were on the technique shown.  Not to be overly critical, but in my humble opinion it … Continue reading Seated CT junction gapping HVLAT technique

Palpating vertebral landmarks

In our latest video, Dr. Thomason demonstrates how different the size of vertebrae are on an actual patient when compared to the typical plastic models we see in the clinic.  Our subject for this demonstration is a younger male that is about 5'6" in height. As part of this video, a lumbar vertebra and thoracic … Continue reading Palpating vertebral landmarks

Talo-crural distraction HVLAT

Welcome to our first technique video! The talo-crural distraction thrust is a technique that is utilized often for patients with ankle dysfunction.  However, have you learned the biomechanical rationale and reasoning as to why this technique works?  Or, what types of patients it will benefit the most?  Dr. Thomason demonstrates which patients are appropriate for … Continue reading Talo-crural distraction HVLAT